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Mid-Continent E & P Safety Network Bylaws

Vision: Incident-free Operations thru collaboration with Industry Safety leaders.


Mission:  The MCEPS Network is an all-volunteer organization that promotes incident free operations through safety and health improvements and protection of the environment in the onshore Oil and Gas Exploration & Production, Transmission Industry.  The MCEPS Network provides opportunities for sharing of best practices, lesson learned, continuing education, and networking among organizations and individuals.  Our Goal is that every person goes home safely.


Article I - Name and Sponsorship

The name of the organization shall be the Mid-Continent E & P Safety Network, commonly referred to as MCEPS, henceforth referred to as the Network in these bylaws.


Article II – Membership

1. Membership is open to those engaged in or supporting the Oil and Gas Exploration and, Production Industry. The Network shall set no limit on the number of individuals that may become members, attend meetings, or participate in activities.


Active Members: An active member is one who qualifies under the membership clause and supports the Network through active participation and attendance.


Advising Member - An advising member is an employee of a regulatory organization or Educational Institution that interacts with the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Transmission Industry. Advising members have neither voting nor elective office privileges. Advising members may serve on the Executive Committee in the Advising Member position, but shall not be eligible to fulfill the offices of President, Vice President,  Secretary/Scribe, or Communications Officer.


Membership Status – The Executive Committee shall review membership status.

Article III - Organization

1. The Officers of the Network will include as minimum, a President, Vice President, and Secretary / Scribe, and Communications Officer who shall be elected for a one-year term on a calendar year basis by a majority vote of members and shall serve without compensation.

2. Election of officers will be held at least 60 days before the beginning of the calendar year during November each year. The election may be conducted at a regularly scheduled meeting or by letter ballot.

3. The Executive Committee shall consist of nine persons as follows: The President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Secretary / Scribe, and five four Active Members, and one Advising Member. The advising member position shall be filled by an active member when there is not an Advising Member fulfilling that position. Until the Past-President position is filled, an additional Active Member shall be elected to the Executive Committee.

4. Individuals shall not serve in the same position for more than three consecutive terms.

5. The President-elect shall attend Executive Committee meetings until assuming office.

Article IV – Meetings

1. Meetings are to be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order Revised.

2. General membership meetings are to be held regularly.

3. Meetings may include a round table discussion, guest speaker presentation(s), reports of the Executive Committee business meetings, and from other committees as appropriate.

4. Vendor’s participation is welcome but not a venue for sales pitch.

5. Discussions and interactions are limited to posted agenda of meeting.

Article V - Duties of the Network Officers

The President shall:

1. Preside at regular and special Network meetings.

2. Call and lead meetings of the Executive Committee.

3. Provide leadership for programs and activities during his/her term of office.

4. Ensure representation of the Network at meetings of other organizations as appropriate.

5. Establish communication with others who have an interest in Safety, Health and Environment.

6. Chair the Election Committee for the next year.


The Vice-President shall:

1. Assume and carry out the duties of the President if the President is unable to serve.

2. Assume duties as assigned by the President.

3. Maintain all past records and files of the Network in an organized manner.


The Secretary/Scribe shall:

1. Record minutes of the Network and Executive Committee meetings and arrange for duplication and distribution to members.

2.Maintain Network membership and participation records.

3. Prepare and distribute notices of regular and special meetings of the Network and Executive Committee to members.

4. Prepare Network correspondence with the exception of correspondence to acquire speakers.

5. Prepare meeting agendas with the assistance of the Executive Committee.


The Communications Officer shall:

1. Maintain and update the MCEPS website as necessary

2. Maintain and update other MCEPS social media efforts

3. Update the membership as necessary on the communication outreach efforts of the network.

4. Collaborate with the Secretary as necessary to streamline other communication efforts.


The Executive Committee shall:

1. Meet as required based on the request of the sitting President for the beginning of each calendar year to plan the Network program. This will include the establishment of necessary sub-committees, types of programs and places of meetings.

2. Review subjects for discussion at regular meetings including suggested guest speakers.

3. Meet periodically to ensure that the meetings and other activities of the Network are being conducted as outlined in the planned schedule.

4. Appoint sub-committees for specified purposes as warranted throughout the year.

5. Appoint Active Members to fill vacancies on the Executive Committee until the next scheduled election.


The Election Committee shall:

1. Be chaired by the President.

2. Consist of at least two active members appointed by the President.

3. Provide an opportunity for all Active Members to make nominations.

4. Report to the Secretary, in writing, accepted nominations.

6. Create, and distribute a ballot to active members to allow for a vote.

7. Make provision for write-in names on the ballot.

8. Count votes and announce election results.


Article V - Procedures:

Robert's Rules of Order Revised is the parliamentary authority in all matters of procedure not specifically covered in the Bylaws.


Article VI – Amendments to Bylaws

Proposed amendments to these bylaws shall be submitted to the President in writing and reviewed by the Executive Committee before consideration by the general membership. Prior to becoming effective, amendments shall be approved by a majority vote of active members.


Article VII – Compensation

No member of the Network nor any executive committee member, director nor officer shall receive monetary or other compensation for services rendered during tenure with the Network.


Article VIII – Miscellaneous

The Executive Committee, with input from the membership, shall agree upon a logo.


Attendee lists shall not be shared. 


Perceived conflicts of interest shall be reported to the National STEPS Network Executive Committee.


Revision May 18, 2015

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