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Safety Minute

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Because of the risk of COVID-19, we have not been able to hold our regular monthly meetings. The executive committee decided to attempt having a Virtual Meeting for the month of June to keep our group up to date. Our OSHA representative was able to present an update and our guest speaker also presented in the virtual meeting. We did not have the same engagement as we would have had in person, but we still were able to discuss a few topics and have meaningful conversation. We have posted the presentations in the underlined text so you can download, present and share within your network.

February 2020

Safety Minute

BlyncSync Technolog was our Breakfast Sponsor.

BlyncSync gave a dynamic presentation getting everyone involved and thinking about how to change the culture of their workplace.

OSHA Update

OSHA Area Director Steven Kirby gave usage monthly OSHA Update with numbers from our industry as well as the numbers for other industries which allow us to see how we are doing as a whole.

Click here for the presentation!

Culture of C. A. R. E.

Warren Hubler with H&P International Drilling Co. gave a powerful presentation to our group. Challenging traditional approaches to Safety and going beyond the numbers allows us to truly affect our industry. Mr. Hubler was kind enough to share his presentation with us and we have it here for you to go over.

January 2020

Safety Minute

Titan Safety Consulting Services provided our safety minute this month. Dan Orr reminded us to “mind the gaps” during incident investigation.  By putting together all of the pieces of an investigation and accountability, we are able to build a more solid program that keeps our employees safe.

OSHA Update

OSHA Area Director Steven Kirby gave us our OSHA Update this morning. 
Mr. Kirby went over the most recent citations and penalties update, talking in detail about Serious, Repeats and multiple repeats. 
It is thanks to this relationship with OSHA that we are able to have a representative here with us who we can ask questions to and get clarification.

Click Here for the presentation!

Diesel Engine Runaway

Chase Bailey with AMOT informed us about the risks and dangers associated with Diesel Engine Runaway. 
Click here to find the presentation!

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