Malcolm Gilreath with Proactive Transportation Safety Services presented on active shooter preparation this month. We had some volunteer participation and although we joked and laughed in the classroom setting, we acknowledged this can be a serious and possible event we might find ourselves in.

October 2019

Jorge Delucca with OSHA gave us a rundown on the fatalities in our state for the Fiscal Year of 2019. It is through information like this, along with discussions and input from OSHA and industry representatives that we are able to gather more crucial informant and develop plans and strategies to keep our workers safe.

OSHA Update

John Carpenter with OSU Fire Service Training gave a  Presentation on H2S this month and we had great discussion!

Our industry knows very well the dangers of H2S and it is always great to hear new information from other industries.

September 2019

Oklahoma Department of Labor, Consultation Division shared a presentation over Consultation Service or OSHA Kryptonite

OSHA Update

Tim Jenney with TEAM Professional Services, Inc. gave the Presentation this month and we had great discussion!
Tim’s talk was over Drug & Alcohol use in the workplace, this is a very hot topic at our meetings with the recent changes in state laws and how this affects employees. 

August 2019

Safe + Sound Week was in August and we were able to participate as a group in a meeting. OSHA Area Director Steven Kirby led the meeting and gave the update from the Department of Labor. Steven encouraged us all to participate in Safe + Sound Week and many representatives performed meetings and stand downs in their own circle and companies.

Safe + Sound at Work

Tom Beddow with Oil Patch Chaplains gave our main topic in July. Tom's presentation highlighted several interesting factors which impact how we react to major catastrophes and incidents in our industry.

July 2019

Jorge Delucca at OSHA gave us an alarming update on work related incidents occurring so far this year. We are reminded that our jobs as Safety Professionals are extremely important in ensuring the safety of our men and women working not jut in our industry, but other industries as well.

OSHA Update

Ryan Rosa with Union Pacific gave our monthly presentation in June.

Ryan gave us insight into how the Railroad Industry and our Industry are related and how it is up to both sides to keep workers safe when it comes to Railroads.

June 2019

Arthur Smith, gave us statistics and data concerning Silica Dust and worker exposure. We had OSHA representatives present to give clarity on questions we had and we had the opportunity to meet other professionals who face similar scenarios and incidents as we do. 

May 2019

Steven Kirby with OSHA gave their update and presented on Walking Working Surfaces.

OSHA Update

Our “Good Guy” Jorge Delucca at OSHA gave us a brief update but also opened up and shared personal stories about the recent weather incidents. 

OSHA Update


We had representatives from Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.

We received statistics and alarming information related to distracted and impaired driving. 

April 2019 Meeting


Worker's Memorial


Jorge Delucca gave us information on the National Standown to prevent Falls in Construction. Our industry performs construction as well so we take this matter very seriously.

OSHA Updates


2019 National Stand-Down


Kenny Jordan with the Association of Energy Service Companies have a very important update from the AESC. 

The AESC collects data and statistics from over 140 service companies. 

March 2019 Meeting


Worker's Memorial


Jorge Delucca shared his presentation of statistics from DOL regarding Oil & Gas Fatalities.

OSHA Updates


2019 National Stand-Down

Energize for Safety Coalition.jpg

Tom Robbins with Energize for Safety Coalition will be providing our presentation. 
Tom will be discussing safety corridor efforts on Highway 33, updated fines, patrols and more.

February 2019 Meeting

OSHA Silica.jpg
  • The frequently asked questions (FAQs) for silica in general industry on the OSHA website.

OSHA Silica Dust Standard


We will be posting information and slides from our OSHA representatives after our meeting next week.

OSHA Updates

OGENV 2019 2.png
  • The 2019 Oil & Gas Environmental Conference is scheduled for December 3-4 in Dallas, Texas.

2019 Oil & Gas Environmental Conference

QES Pressure Control sponsored breakfast and Andrew Baker presented our safety minute.

Steven Kirby gave insight into OSHA's General Duty Clause and how it affects our industry.

Brian McCoy with Mix Telematics gave our main topic of discussion, DOT Regulations, ELDs and the Oil & Gas Industry.

January 2019 Meeting

  • BLS has posted their slides reviewing the 2017 fatality data.

BLS Statistics

5th Circuit decision upholding OSHAs ability to cite using the multi-employer worksite policy in TX, LA, and MS.

Applicable CPL.

OSHA Update

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